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The Glass Menagerie, a Play by Tennessee Williams

The Glass Menagerie, a Play by Tennessee Williams The Glass Menagerieâ play is a despairing family show composed by Tennessee Williams. It was first performed on Broadway in 1945, meeting with bewildering film industry achievement and a Drama Critics Circle Award. The Characters In the presentation of The Glass Menagerie, the writer portrays the characters of the drama’s primary characters. Amanda Wingfield: Mother of two grown-up youngsters, Tom and Laura. â€Å"A little lady of extraordinary essentialness sticking wildly to some other time and place...†Ã¢â‚¬Å"Her life is paranoia†¦Ã¢â‚¬ Ã¢â‚¬Å"Her absurdity makes her accidentally cruel†¦Ã¢â‚¬ Ã¢â‚¬Å"There is delicacy in her slight person†¦Ã¢â‚¬  Laura Wingfield: Six years out of secondary school. Fantastically timid and withdrawn. She focuses on her assortment of glass puppets. She has â€Å"failed to set up contact with reality†¦Ã¢â‚¬ Ã¢â‚¬Å"A youth disease has left her injured, one leg somewhat shorter than the other†¦Ã¢â‚¬ Ã¢â‚¬Å"She resembles her very own bit glass assortment, too wonderfully fragile†¦Ã¢â‚¬  Tom Wingfield: The lovely, disappointed child who works at a careless stockroom work, supporting his family after his dad ventured out from home for good. He additionally fills in as the play’s storyteller. â€Å"His nature isn't remorseless†¦Ã¢â‚¬ Ã¢â‚¬Å"To escape from a snare (his tyrannical mother and disabled sister) he needs to act without pity.† Jim O’Connor: The noble man guest who eats with the Wingfields during the second piece of the play. He is depicted as a â€Å"nice, normal youthful man.† Setting The whole play happens in the Wingfield’s pitiful condo, situated close to a rear entryway in St. Louis. At the point when Tom starts describing he steps the crowd back to the 1930s. Plot Summary Mrs. Wingfield’s spouse deserted the family â€Å"a long time ago.† He sent a postcard from Mazatlan, Mexico that just read: â€Å"Hello †and Good-bye!† With the nonattendance of the dad, their home has become genuinely and monetarily stale. Amanda obviously adores her youngsters. Notwithstanding, she continually criticizes her child about his character, his youngster work, and even his dietary patterns. Tom: I haven’t delighted in one chomp of this supper due to your consistent bearings on the best way to eat it. It’s you that makes me race through suppers with your bird of prey like consideration regarding each chomp I take. Despite the fact that Tom’s sister is horrendously timid, Amanda expects Laura to be all the more cordial. The mother, conversely, is entirely agreeable and thinks back about her days as a southern beauty who once got seventeen men of honor guests in a solitary day. Laura has no expectations or aspirations for her future. She quit her composing class since she was too timid to even think about taking the speed test. Laura’s just obvious intrigue is by all accounts her old music records and her â€Å"glass menagerie,† an assortment of creature puppets. Then, Tom is tingling to leave the family and look for experience in the all the way open world, rather than being held detainee by his reliant family and an impasse work. He regularly remains out late around evening time, professing to go out to see the films. (Regardless of whether he watches the motion pictures or takes part in a type of undercover action is begging to be proven wrong). Amanda needs Tom to discover an admirer for Laura. Tom laughs at the thought from the start, yet before supper he illuminates his mom that a courteous fellow guest will visit the next night. Jim O’Connor, the expected admirer, went to secondary school with both Tom and Laura. During that time, Laura really liked the attractive youngster. Before Jim visits, Amanda dresses in a wonderful outfit, helping herself to remember her once-great youth. When Jim shows up, Laura is frozen to see him once more. She can scarcely answer the entryway. At the point when she at long last does, Jim shows no hint of recognition. Out on the emergency exit, Jim and Tom talk about their prospects. Jim is taking a seminar on open addressing become an official. Tom uncovers that he will before long be joining the vendor marines, along these lines surrendering his mom and sister. Actually, he intentionally neglected to take care of the power tab so as to join the seaman’s association. During supper, Laura †black out with timidity and uneasiness †invests the greater part of the energy in the couch, away from the others. Amanda, in any case, is making some superb memories. The lights out of nowhere go out, however Tom never admits the explanation! By candlelight, Jim tenderly methodologies the shy Laura. Bit by bit, she starts to open up to him. He is enchanted to discover that they went to class together. He even recalls the moniker he provided for her: â€Å"Blue Roses.† Jim: Now I recollect †you generally came in late. Laura: Yes, it was so difficult for me, getting upstairs. I had that support on my leg †it bunched so uproarious! Jim: I never heard any bunching. Laura (recoiling at the memory): To me it seemed as though thunder! Jim: Well, well, well. I never at any point took note. Jim urges her to be progressively self-assured. He even hits the dance floor with her. Lamentably, he knocks a table, thumping over a glass unicorn doll. The horn breaks, making the doll simply like the remainder of the ponies. Shockingly, Laura can chuckle about the circumstance. She obviously enjoys Jim. At long last, he proclaims: Someone needs to develop your certainty and do right by you rather than bashful and dismissing and-reddening Somebody should kiss you, Laura! They kiss. For a second, the crowd may be attracted into feeling that everything will turn out to be cheerfully. For a second, we can envision: Jim and Laura falling in love.Amanda’s dreams for Laura’s security coming true.Tom at long last getting away the â€Å"trap† of family commitments. However, a second after the kiss, Jim steps back and chooses, â€Å"I shouldn’t have done that.† He at that point uncovers that he is locked in to a decent young lady named Betty. At the point when he clarifies that he won't have returned to visit once more, Laura valiantly grins. She offers him the wrecked puppet as a gift. After Jim leaves, Amanda chastens her child for bringing an effectively represented refined man guest. As they battle, Tom shouts: Tom: The more you yell about my narrow-mindedness to me the snappier I’ll go, and I won’t go out to see the films! At that point, Tom accept the job of the storyteller as he did in the play’s starting. He discloses to the crowd how he before long deserted his family, fleeing similarly as his dad did. He went through years voyaging abroad, yet something despite everything frequented him. He got away from the Wingfield family, yet his dear sister Laura was consistently at the forefront of his thoughts. The Final Lines Goodness, Laura, Laura, I attempted to desert you me, yet I am more devoted than I expected to be! I go after a cigarette, I go across the road, I run into the motion pictures or a bar, I purchase a beverage, I address the closest more abnormal anything that can blow your candles out! For these days the world is lit by lightning! Victory your candles, Laura †thus great bye†¦

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Art Comparison Essays

Workmanship Comparison Essays Workmanship Comparison Essay Workmanship Comparison Essay Dissect and Compare Triumph of Shapur I Structure: This is a 2D figure since you can't stroll around it and there is no opposite side. Sythesis: Shapur I is the biggest figure and he is on a pony, wearing an enormous crown, and he has a blade. Different figures in the work are littler and they are bowing and being held by Shapur I. Material: This is made out of rock in Naqsh-e Rustam. Strategy: This is a low help cutting (bas-alleviation) portraying the triumph of lord Shapur I over Valerian and Phillip. * Shapur is biggest, he is perched on a pony, and he is wearing a crown. Stressing the idea of triumph: Shapur has a blade. The figures of Phillip and Valerian (the crushed) are littler and Phillip is stooping. Triumph Stele of Naram-sin Structure: This is a 3D geometrical figure since you could stroll around it and take a gander at the clear side. Creation: Naram-sin is the biggest figure and he is set higher in the work of art than any other individual. Likewise, he is wearing a horned protective cap, proposing holiness . Material: This is made of pink sandstone. Procedure: This is a low alleviation cutting (bas-help) portraying Naram-sinâ„ ¢s triumph over Satuni of Lullubi. * Naram-sin is biggest, he is raised higher than any other individual in the work and , he wears a horned head protector which shows godlikeness. Underlining the idea of triumph: It delineates fighters who have weapons and reinforcement and Naram-sin is stepping on his dead foes. The picture that is best is the Triumph of Shapur I since it is bigger and for all intents and purposes and hypothetically ardent. The Victory Stele of Naram-sin is bigger than a normal human yet the Triumph of Shapur I alleviation can look threateningly huge when near it. While the Victory Stele of Naram-sin is convenient (demonstrated when it was taken by the Elamites), the alleviation of the Triumph of Shapur I was cut from a monstrous stone face that would be unfeasible to try and attempt to move.

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Pepe jeans Essay

The organization keeps in touch with its autonomous retailers by means of gathering of 10 specialists and every operator is answerable for retailers in a specific territory of the nation. Pepe is persuaded that a decent connection with the autonomous retailers is indispensable to its prosperity. Pepe’s prerequisite to submit firm requests a half year ahead of time with no chance changes, dropping, or continue requesting. Some guaranteed that the firm request framework constrained them to arrange less, bringing about stock outs. Pepe felt that a change would have been required soon. The most effortless arrangement would be work with the Hong Kong sourcing operator to lessen the lead time related with orders yet this was going to expand the expense essentially. Indeed, even with the noteworthy increment in cost, reliable conveyance timetables would be hard to keep. Another recommendation was to fabricate a completing activity in United Kingdom. Pepe was intrigued to perceive how framework functioned at U. S. activities. They found that they would need to keep around six weeks’ flexibly of essential pants available in the United Kingdom and they need to contribute ? 1,000,000 worth of gear. They additionally evaluated that it would cost about ? 500,000 to work the office every year. They could find the office in the storm cellar of current place of business, and the remodels would cost ? 300,000.

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Free Economic Security Essay Samples

Free Economic Security Essay SamplesThe rise of the Internet and the advent of online courses has made it possible for students to find many different kinds of free economic security essay samples. With this in mind, this is a great opportunity for students to study without being at a specific school or university.Economic insecurity does not only affect young people and the less educated. In fact, as adults, we often need some extra money just to make ends meet.During recessionary periods, unemployment is higher than ever. When a job does become available, how will people who have worked so hard to build up their resume to make ends meet? This is where self-education can help.Just by reading some free academic essays and some newspaper articles about economic security can help you get your first draft completed before the deadline for you to submit your essay. This can even save you money on textbooks and even checkbooks. That's a great deal of money that you never had to spend.Now, not all essays will be appropriate for your topic. Even if the topic is one that pertains to your major, you still have to write an essay on the same topic from scratch.Most people do not realize that there are so many essay samples available that they can use for the essay. All they have to do is type in a keyword search engine to get all the different essay samples that they can use.In fact, you can find many free essay samples online that teach students the basic concepts and lessons of economics. These courses are offered free, but students that want to do a more comprehensive course will have to pay the cost.

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Pregnancy Causes And Effects - 976 Words

Pregnancy Pregnancy can be one of the greatest experiences in your life but it can also be very stressful. If you are trying to become pregnant, it’s important to know the early signs of pregnancy. Many women get tender, achy breasts and they tend to feel fuller and heavier. The hormone progesterone is what makes the breasts tender. Your breasts will also swell because the body keeps in more water during pregnancy which also causes bloating. The extra progesterone can also cause excessive fatigue. The best thing to do is nap often and head to bed earlier. With the hormones changing your body, it can make you feel super emotional. When you know for sure your pregnant, it can make you get more stressed out than before. Fatigue and hunger can often make mood swing worse. It helps if you find time to rest and eat small snacks throughout the day. Some women get dizzy or lightheaded during early pregnancy, some may even get fainting spells. Low blood pressure or hormones may be the cause of t hat. Quesiness can start early, but nausea and vomiting usually shows up around 7-9 weeks. Small, frequent, and protein-enriched meals can help control an uneasy stomach. Having a healthy lifestyle is very important during pregnancy. Make sure to have a healthy pregnancy diet, exercise, and healthy weight gain. †¢ Good nutrition is important for the baby to grow and develop properly. It’s recommended to eat a variety of foods to get the necessary nutrients needed. Daily servings include 6-11Show MoreRelatedCause and Effect of Teen Pregnancy1043 Words   |  4 PagesCause and effect of teen pregnancy Teenagers suffering health problems is high Many teenagers will try to hide the pregnancy from their parents and teachers, in doing this they do not get the initial medical attention required during the first months of pregnancy. It is estimated that 33% of teenage pregnancy fail to receive necessary prenatal care. The lack of prenatal care leads to increased risk of anemia, miscarriage, and high blood pressure to the teenager. Many teenagers will hide theirRead MoreTeen Pregnancy : Causes And Effects1929 Words   |  8 PagesTeen Pregnancy The rate of teenage pregnancies has decreased drastically since skyrocketing in the early decades. Teenagers today have shown an increased use of birth control and a slight increase in abstinence. To draw attention to the problem, people typically refer to it as ‘children having children,’ which is essentially the issue. If teens were to remain abstinent until they are completely ready, the issue would no longer be as relevant. In today s society, there are serious consequences thatRead MoreCauses and Effects of Teenage Pregnancy Essay813 Words   |  4 PagesThe Truth about Teenage Pregnancy Outline I. Introduction II. Body A. Causes 1. Lack of sexual education 2. Lack of communication between the parents and teens a. Weak relationship b. Too strong of a relationship 3. Drugs 4. Trends a. Social b. Media 5. Abuse B. Effects 1. Unwanted/ unplanned pregnancy 2. Abortion 3. Neglect/ Child abuse 4. Complications a. Maternal deaths b. Birth defects 5. Incomplete education Read MoreCause And Effect On Mothers During Pregnancy1383 Words   |  6 PagesCause and Effects on Mothers’ During Pregnancy Stress during pregnancy can cause developmental and emotional problems for offspring; it has been observed by behavioral and biological researchers, but the objective measuring and timing of that stress and its results are difficult to prove. It is important for women who plan on becoming pregnant in the future to know how to prevent unhealthy pregnancy. A healthy lifestyle during the prenatal period of pregnancy is a start to a healthy outcome forRead MoreCause And Effect Of The Pregnancy Rate During The First Trimester1916 Words   |  8 Pages According to The March of Dimes (2016) miscarriage, particularly in the first trimester, has an overall estimated incidence of 10 to 15%. However, the number could be as high as 50% when taking into account pregnancies which had not yet been discovered (March of Dimes, 2016). Concern regarding miscarriage is universal yet in women taking an antidepressant this concern increases as researchers have theorized that its use may increase the potential for spontaneous abortion. Two large scale studiesRead MoreWhy Pregnant Substance Abuse Should Be Treated As A Major Issue1441 Words   |  6 PagesThere are many reasons why pregnant substance abuse should be treated as a major issue. The effects of substance abuse on the mother, fetus, and the overall pregnancy can range from none to extremely harmful. Women who use drugs during their pregnancy commonly give birth to â€Å"crack babies† or â€Å"drug babies†. These babies can have developmental disabilities or other birth defects. The mother may give birth to a premature infant, underweight infant, or even have a stillborn birth. The drug use of a pregnantRead More Teen Pregnancy Essay643 Words   |  3 Pagesdifficulties that come with an unplanned pregnancy in teens can have a profound effect on their life. Their physical, social, mental, and emotional health will all be affected by a sudden change in the course of their life. Teens impacted with an unplanned pregnancy will have to give up many things in order to be a parent. In addition, they will have to take on many more responsibilities that accompany pregnancy and parenthood. All in all, having an unplanned pregnancy and becoming a parent introduceRead MoreHow Substance Abuse Negatively Affects The Baby While During1328 Words   |  6 PagesHow substance abuse negatively affects the baby while during a woman’s pregnancy. Many women across the world cause complications to their unborn child when they choose to abuse substance. There are many types of substance abuse such as alcohol, tobacco, and drug abuse. Most likely when women choose to engage in these types of activities it causes harm to the child and birth defects. Long term and short term deformities and conditions are present in the child. Other factors play a part into whyRead MoreTeen Pregnancy And Teenage Pregnancy1551 Words   |  7 PagesTeen pregnancy is something that affects over one million young teens in the United States. For some, these pregnancies are planned but 85% of these teens the pregnancy is unplanned. This can cause a lot of endless problems in the life of the teen and the newborn child. There are a lot of things that can cause an unplanned teen pregnancy, such as teens experimenting with sexual encounters at a young age. Another major cause is the lack of guidance due to guardians that are blind or do not want toRead Mor eTeen Pregnancy Causes Serious Physical And Emotional Problems1369 Words   |  6 Pages Teen pregnancy causes serious physical and emotional problems for adolescent mothers, therefore there should be steps taken to prevent such things from happening. I have a close friend who got pregnant at the age of fifteen. It was a mega crisis for her and her baby. It caused a heartbreaking feud between my friend and her parents, as well as her schooling, leading her to drop out of high school. The emotional stress she gained was harming her body. The baby’s father wanted nothing to do with the

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File Sharing on the Internet Essay - 1482 Words

File Sharing on the Internet When we think of pirates, we see scruffy men with unshaven chins, a bandana, a gold earing, a black patch on one eye, and a wooden leg, men with guns in hand, riding the seas in their wooden ship proudly flying the terrifying skull and crossbones. Well, pirates these days look much different. In fact, you may be sitting by one right now. They are ordinary people who have come to enjoy the technologies the Internet provides. These pirates are boys and girls, women and men, who habitually root themselves in their desk chairs with eyes fixed on the computer screen. But todays pirates have something in common with the pirates of days lost in history. Both steal what doesnt belong to them. Todays pirates†¦show more content†¦Ultimately it ceased being a free source of music. Now there are a few other popular servers, like Gnutella, Morpheus, and Kazaa. The legality of these sites and all sites like it is hotly debated. In order to limit exchanging music, record companies want to make hardware and software to prevent music from being copied. But this would prevent people from copying their own music. That means no making CD mixes or putting music from your CDs on the computer, which is all perfectly legal. A handful of CDs already have certain features that prohibit the CD from being played on the computer and thereby prohibit the CD from being copied. There are many legitimate reasons for someone to copy their CDs, however. First, instead of taking a whole bunch of CDs when I go somewhere, Id rather just take copies in case I would lose any. Second, how many times have you scratched a CD? Too many to count, no doubt, and by being able to copy your CDs, you dont have to worry about not being able to listen to the CD just because you accidentally scratched it. CDs are valuable items and thieves will gladly take them if they can, but if all your CDs are copied theyre only stealing a worthless copy a nd not the original. And if they happen to get their hands on your originals, you know that your CD wont be lost forever because you made a copy of it. Many times you dont like all the songs on a CD. You can then copy the songs you like, get rid of the ones you dont like, and add differentShow MoreRelatedFile Sharing And The Internet1896 Words   |  8 PagesFile Sharing â€Å"I d like to propose another toast to you, the listener. It doesn t matter how you got this, you bought it, you downloaded it, and your grandma gave it to you.† (Jones). Chances are anybody who has ever used the internet has downloaded copyrighted material. Many people view downloading copyrighted material from the internet as stealing, but others see it as a distribution of human knowledge and information. File sharing, more formally known today as torrents, should be legal. Read MoreFile Sharing And The Internet2006 Words   |  9 PagesIntroduction File sharing, or peer-to-peer software programs such as Limewire which uses protocol Gnutella, BitTorrent, Internet Relay Chat (IRC), and programs that are Peer to Peer (P2P) such as KaZaA which uses the protocol FastTrack and others can allow sharing of copyrighted music, games, movies, software, and other files often without the knowledge or permission of the consumer. Peer-to-Peer programs usually share files by default, to permit the full amount of sharing across the web. Sharing this copyrightedRead MoreFile Sharing And The Internet Piracy1468 Words   |  6 PagesIn recent years, internet piracy or file sharing of copyrighted material has gained much popularity. It is a topic that has incessantly sparked debate and has even received global attention. Although on the surface the act of file sharing may seem harmless, it is far from it. Each year, film and record production companies as well as software and video game development companies suffer from billions of dollars in lost profits. This loss comes as a direct result of internet piracy. Many agreeRead MoreFile Sharing on the Internet Essay625 Words   |  3 PagesFile Sharing on the Internet Want to see the latest box office movies? How about checking out the latest records by your favorite rock band? What if you feel like playing a game or reading a document or doing some research? Today, with the progress the Internet is making, this is all possible in your own home in your own PC. For people who know where to go, the Internet offers endless possibilities for finding entertainment. Perhaps the most controversial and intriguing thing on the Internet todayRead MoreThe Internet : File Sharing, And The Distribution Of The Internet1768 Words   |  8 Pagesnew medium of the Internet encompassed: youth, radical change and the free exchange of information. But youthful exuberance would soon give way to reality as the music industry placed a bull’s-eye squarely on Napster.† With the emergence of the computer came new technologies, one of which is the distribution and free access to information across the internet. Peer to Peer (P2P), a form of file sharing allows people to participate in the distribution and sharing of multimedia files across a wide networkRead MoreOnline File Sharing and Internet Piracy1791 Words   |  8 Pagesshouldn’t the internet be free? Why should we have restrictions placed on what we can and cannot do on the internet? Every day, millions of users share files on the internet through numerous online sources. Whether they download music, movies, or software, online file-sharing can give people access to a plentiful amount of information. These files are often free and easily accessible by anyone. The practice of distributing or providing access to digitally stored information represents file sharing (Peer-to-PeerRead More An Examination of File-sharing on the Internet Essay4579 Words   |  19 PagesAn Examination of File -sharing on the Internet â€Å"Napster and its founder held the promise of everything the new medium of the Internet encompassed: youth, radical change and the free exchange of information. But youthful exuberance would soon give way to reality as the music industry placed a bulls-eye squarely on Napster.† I. Introduction Today the use of a computer has provided many privileges to its users, and among those privileges the main and largest one is the distributionRead More Is File-Sharing via Internet Illegal? Essay1629 Words   |  7 PagesIs File-Sharing Illegal?      Ã‚  Ã‚   Abstract:   file-sharing violates existing copyright law by facilitating the widespread and illegal distribution of copyrighted material.   This paper examines the case against file-sharing, by looking at how the players bear responsibility for the illegal acts currently made possible by this new technology.   Finally, it suggests some remedies for file-sharing companies to reform themselves and become a potentially powerful and revolutionary company while stillRead MoreNetwork Applications 2 : File Sharing976 Words   |  4 Pages Network Applications 2: File Sharing 60-367-01 21-November-14 Matthew Oyinbo 103480310 â€Æ' Introduction File sharing is the practice of making digitally stored information/files such as (documents, movies, and music and computer programs) available for other individuals to access and download. There are many different ways that file sharing can occur. One of the most common ways to do this is by using peer-to-peer computer networks, which is a way of describing a series of computers which areRead MoreEssay on Music Copyright Infringement1224 Words   |  5 Pagesusers to compress and send music files easily over the Internet. The major problem with this music sharing is that most of the files are pirated, which has caused a stir in the music industry. Music companies and music artists have been complaining about how their music is being stolen and therefore lowering their album sales. The major blame has been put on Napster and other file sharing software available on the Internet. Napster was a music sharing software that was shut down because

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When the Levees Broke free essay sample

Ron Young Bryant and Stratton College Phil 250 Ms. Obradovich February 8, 2013 In August 2005 there was a massive storm brewing and growing into a storm like no other storm, Hurricane Katrina. In the days before the storm hit, there were many agencies gathering information and trying to give a good guess on when, where, and how bad this storm was going to be. Some people listened and prepared and some did not. Why? Why didn’t some people even know the storm was coming? Why did some leave? Why did some stay? Who were these people? Not too sure how much critically thinking was going on here, or was there, and the people of New Orleans could not do anything else but stay. The documentary showed that most people that left were the ones who could afford to leave and the rest were left to fend for themselves. By law if there is a mandatory evacuation ordered, then all must be given ways out of the area by government help, which by the movie said never happened. We will write a custom essay sample on When the Levees Broke or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Then the storm hit, what a disaster. The documentary showed the total devastation of the area. It then explained the perceived lack of governmental support after the storm. Based on reports from the news agencies that survived the storm, no help showed up for 5 days. This was supported by the number of people interviewed in this documentary and the pictures at the storm shelters set up throughout the city. The mayor, Ray Nagin, after 5 days of asking for help and finally bad mouthing the government, something finally got started to help the people. The Levees Broke (Lee, 2006) ended as showing that still, over 6 years later, the people of New Orleans are still struggling to survive every day with very little help from the government. Due to the total perceived action of how Hurricane Katrina was handled, the people in the movie are inferring that this occurred and is still occurring because they are poor black people, with no education, and the United States of America is still racial! The people of New Orleans have labeled themselves as â€Å"The people of New Orleans Americas Underclass†. I watched the 4hour 14minute documentary from Spike Lee called: When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts. (Lee, 2006). I could not think of what his action of critically thinking was for this movie, but then I re-read chapter 4 in our book, Thinking Critically by John Chaffee, (Chaffee, 2012, p. 131-175), and in the book it lists 5 ideas for critically thinking as: 1. Perceiving and Believing 2. Selecting/Organizing/Interpreting Sensations 3. Reporting Factual Information 4. Inferring 5. Judging I can now apply each one of these to his movie and see how he is perceiving what happened after the devastating storm of Hurricane Katrina through his eyes and the people who survived the storm. Mr. Lee went thru each one of these steps during the documentary. In the beginning of the film there were many people that perceived and believed that the massive storm would never hit New Orleans or that they would â€Å"ride out the storm† like most of these same people did in 1965 when Hurricane Betsy hit the same area. These same people who survived Hurricane Betsy believed it would never hit or if they spent the money, which a lot didn’t have, and then nothing happened they would be broke. The people of New Orleans also believed that the government was not telling them the truth about how this storm was going to hit them as the government has said before, they evacuated, and then nothing happened. So because they perceived and believed nothing would happen, a lot of people perished. But then the film moved into the 2nd step and this is where the movie perceived the breakdown started and continued to get out of control thru the rest of the steps till the end of this horrible disaster. The federal government was trying to inform the people of the magnitude of this storm by selecting/organizing/interpreting the data that they were getting from different sources. They compiled the best information they could get from The National Weather Service, FEMA, Homeland Security, and historians on how other weather phenomenon’s have played out. The documentary showed many meetings between important officials and they even had models to predict the devastation and the impact zone. Again the people of New Orleans used their own method of what they interpreted as truth or fiction. Mr. Lee continued to show the total breakdown into the step of Reporting Factual Information and this occurred before, during, and after Hurricane Katrina hit. Between lack of communication between government offices, lack of communication during the storm, after the storm, and then throw in the multiple media channels we have, who knew what to believe. Multiple times during the documentary he showed ways that the information was presented wrong or was taken out of context. There was a report before the levees broke that people heard explosions and then the water rose to unthinkable levels all over the city. The people reported this same thing happened in 1965 with Hurricane Betsy. The townspeople said it was to save the rich white people’s houses, so the federal government blew up the levees to flood the â€Å"black part† of the town. Of course the news agencies flashed this all over the news channels and that added to the already growing anger towards the federal government. I can definitely see the next step of the documentary of Inferring. There was so much of this going on due to none of the above steps being met, or maybe they were met, but the people involved perceived that they were not. In the movie it stated that the government didn’t care about the people in the flood zone, were not helping them out with all of life necessities, did not tell them about the storm, and not giving them their â€Å"required rights as US citizens†. Was this the truth or inferring due to the situation they were in? I saw in the documentary on many accounts how when one person got all upset and started yelling about something, everyone else joined in and the stories got bigger and more horrible as the story went on. Kind of like when you tell one person something and they pass it on, the story changes, usually for the worse. This leads to the last point of this movie which is also the final step in chapter 4 of Judging. Mr. Lee did show a lot of judging in his movie, but I am not so sure it was a fair representation of both sides. This fits a step of critically thinking in our book: perceiving and believing. Spike Lee’s perception of the events that occurred in New Orleans are that the government’s response to Hurricane Katrina was based on racial and social economic factors. I on the other hand, as being a first responder from the military 2 days post impact, did not experience or witness any response as being racial. I did however witness that the victim’s we were seeing were from a lower social economic class, but were consisting of all races! I find that Mr. Lee’s assertion that race played a part in what is his view of a slow response from the federal government is unfounded. I also feel that Mr. Lee’s life experiences as an African-American male played a major part in his perception and beliefs of what occurred. References Lee, Spike. (2006). When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts Chaffee, J (2012). Perceiving and Believing. Thinking Critically (10th ed. ). Boston: Wadsworth, Cengage Learning.